Call for Articles for the Tenth Volume of Klio Polska (2018).

Andrzej Wierzbicki (editor-in-chief).

The years 2016 and 2018 happen to mark two anniversaries fundamental for the Polish state. The first one closes the period of 1050 years that have passed since Poland entered the world of Christian nations – a step necessary in the Middle Ages to achieve the religious and cultural status paving the way for the rise of sovereign statehood. The second one, referring only to a century-long period, prompts us to consider the question of how, after a number of ups and downs, the Poles finally managed to restore an independent state of which they had been deprived since the latter half of the eighteenth century. The issue in question can be summed up in a seemingly extreme formula: ‘The Polish state, its birth and revival’. Since we believe this formula to be only ‘seemingly’ extreme, it is designed to indicate the main theme area to be explored by authors willing to submit their papers to the tenth volume of Klio Polska scheduled for publication in 2018. Texts we have in mind are not of course expected to address both issues (the birth of the Polish state and its restoration) together, although such an approach isn’t impossible – for example, when we try to reflect on the vitality of the spiritual and material capital that the state of Mieszko the First and Bolesław the Brave brought into Polish history. We invite contributions that are expected to cover one of the two issues to which the anniversary volume of Klio Polska is to be devoted: 1 – Historians’ views, (and the views of particular schools of thought) of the ‘European’ birth of the Polish state, 2 – Historical interpretations of the restoration of the Polish state after the First World War. We wish to remind all authors that in accordance with existing regulations articles we receive can be published only after receiving two positive reviews.